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  • Brianna Ruiz

Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act to Help Shortage of Parking for Drivers

As many know, being a truck driver comes with many dangers. Of these dangers one should not be safe parking. Over the past years safe parking spaces for CMV drivers has become scarce across the states. This leads to drivers having to park in illegal spaces or more so in hazardous spaces including but not limited to exit/entrance ramps of highways, emergency lanes of highways, and vacant lots.

In March 2021 rep. Mike Bost (R-ILL) introduced the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act, a plan to provide safe and adequate amounts of truck parking across the states. Since then, this has received the support of 37 other lawmakers on both the democratic and republican side of the bench. It is also supported by several agencies including American Trucking Associations, the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, American Highway Users Alliance, and the Institute for Safer Trucking.

There will be an allocated $755 million in competitive grants over the course of 2023-2026. States can apply for these competitive grants in which they can use the money to update infrastructure for these needed truck parking spaces.

According to the ATA (American Trucking Associations), “Currently, there are more than 11 truck drivers for every one parking space. Studies show that 98% of drivers report problems finding safe truck parking, and the average driver spends 56 minutes of available drive time every day looking for parking. That wasted time amounts to a $5,500 loss in annual compensation – or a 12% annual pay cut. Moreover, 58% of all drivers admit to parking in unauthorized or undesignated spots at least three times per week to meet their parking needs.”

There is a plethora of reasons why truckers may need to stop, whether it be they have reached their allotted drive time, inclement weather, or fatigue. Nonetheless they need a break, and a safe one. Not only would the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act help ensure the safety of secure parking spaces for truckers, but it will ultimately improve their overall wellbeing and productivity as well as improve highway safety.

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